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10 Steps to Building a Modular Home

10 Steps to Building a Modular Home with UMH

Millions of people in the United States live in manufactured or modular homes. This rapidly evolving housing option is affordable and accessible, without the need to compromise on space or quality of construction. In fact, buying a new manufactured or modular home with UMH means you can style it to your exact tastes and specifications, so you don’t have to compromise on style and design, either.

This alternative path to home buying is growing in popularity, but to many who might be considering a modular or manufactured home, it’s still a novel idea. Since the process differs in some ways from that of typical stick-built home buying, we’ve put together this quick overview of the design, buying and building processes. Here are the 10 steps to building a modular home with UMH.

1. Choose the criteria of your Modular Home that is most important to you.

We start every potential UMH homebuyer off with a conversation. Let us help you decide the features of your home that are most important to you, including size, style, budget and area.

2. Decide who is responsible for construction & assembly.

Next, we decide who is responsible for the construction (things like laying the foundation, electricity, plumbing, etc.) and who is responsible for the on-site assembly. You can decide to let us do some or all of the work, depending on your goals, whether or not you’re placing your home in one of our communities, or potential restrictions with the lender.

3. Before building, review the plans with UMH Experts.

In this step, we are putting your dream home into an entirely custom floor plan. We’ll review the manufacturers design with you, give you a chance to finalize the designs and make sure that it matches all of the earlier criteria you specified in step one.

4. Secure financing.

Before the manufacturer starts building, we’ll ensure that financing is secured for all steps of the modular home building process: construction, factory building and homesite.

5. Coordinate construction.

Coordinate a build schedule with our experts and decide on subcontractors or suppliers that you will need to finish the construction. This process secures all the pieces, coordinates all of the people involved and gives us a timeline for the project.

6. Start factory assembly & prepare lot.

Once all of the financing, plans, schedule and contractors are in place, we will start the assembly of your modular home. While the home is being built, if UMH has been designated responsibility for site preparation, then we will start the site work on your land/lot.

7. Site preparation completed.

The site preparation and foundation will be completed.

8. Transport & assemble home.

Once the modular home sections are ready and the foundation has been laid, we will transport the home in and assemble it at the site.

9. Finish any customized features.

Once assembled, the home will now be ready for finish work, features and customization that you planned out with UMH and our manufacturer, like a garage, driveway, or a front walk-up.

10. Move in!

Once completed, you will receive an occupancy permit as well as the keys to your new home. All that’s left is to move in and enjoy the advantages of your new modular home.

If you’d like to start the custom home building process with UMH, contact us today!


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