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Best Time To Buy A House

The holidays are over and life is returning to normal. But before you decide to hibernate for the rest of the winter, consider moving up your new home purchase to February or early March. 


Many real estate experts believe this is the best time to buy a house, and with good reason: 


Home prices may be somewhat lower during the winter months. Families with children tend not to move during the school year.  There are less competition and homes stay on the market longer, so sellers may be willing to negotiate. 


And while there may be fewer homes available for resale in the winter, you can purchase a customized UMH home throughout the year in many of our communities in the Midwest and Northeast. 


Interest rates are now near all-time lows but have started to edge higher. Lenders recommend locking in a rate as soon as possible.


Generally speaking, moving companies aren’t as busy during the winter months, so you may be able to negotiate a lower rate. Plus, you may have an easier time getting friends and family to help.


best time to buy a house. cold weather move



Move Earlier In The Year

Moving early in the year may allow you to start accumulating tax breaks and deductions sooner. Get specific tax rules and recommendations at here.


If you plan a winter move into a new UMH home, you can spend your spring focusing on more enjoyable tasks like planting a flower or vegetable garden…instead of being trapped indoors organizing and packing. 


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