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Care Cottage by UMH

Find the perfect blend of independence and proximity to family care with a Care Cottage by UMH Properties Inc. We offer the unique opportunity for a comfortable home environment, right on the property you already own. Instead of busting out walls for a senior mother-in-law addition or having guests stay on the living room couch, check out the design and convenience a Care Cottage can provide. UMH Properties Inc. has over 50 years of experience in manufactured home building and we can help you specialize a space to fit your family members or guests.  


What is a care cottage?

A Care Cottage of a manufactured home solution for those in need of an additional space for a family member, guest, or aging senior in their life. For a cost much lower than an assisted living facility stay or adding a permanent addition to a home, you can create a full home space on your own property. Our Care Cottages provide the perfect blend of independence and privacy while giving a senior family member or guest easy and convenient access to nearby family or care


What is in a Care Cottage?

Our Care Cottages provide all the amenities, design, and needs of a full home in a non-permanent and convenient package. A Care Cottage will come with 600 square feet of open-concept living space consisting of a kitchen with appliances, seating area, a bathroom, and a bedroom. Along with a well-designed environment, our cottages provide a washer/dryer and options to accommodate extra living space. Try out our wall-bed systems that fold up for extra space or our movable walls for a space that evolves with your needs. 


Who can Live in a Care Cottage?

Anyone can enjoy a Care Cottage! The adaptability and design of our spaces make the Care Cottage a wonderful option for all kinds of family needs. However, most find the Care Cottage most beneficial as a mother-in-law suite or guest house alternative. For those with a senior family member, the Care Cottage provides an independent and private home environment while maintaining close proximity to family or senior care. Have your senior family member set up their own comfortable home in the Care Cottage or provide a live-in senior care specialist with their own space to enjoy.

Do you often find your home is the hosting spot for guests? Instead of sharing space or spending thousands on a home addition, a Care Cottage can be the perfect solution for long-term or frequent guest accommodation.   


How is a Care Cottage Different?

As opposed to a stick built home or a connected home addition, our Care Cottages are manufactured in a controlled factory environment before being safely delivered to your property. This building process allows our manufactured homes to be built to a high, consistent quality while keeping our cost low.  


How can I get a Care Cottage?

You can lease a Care Cottage from UMH Properties Inc. whenever your family is in need of some extra space. Our Care Cottages come in a few different footprints, so you can choose the home that works for your needs. When you’ve chosen the Care Cottage you’d like to lease, our team will safely deliver and install your home on your property. When you no longer need your cottage, we will come and pick it up for you. 


Does my Area Allow a Care Cottage on my Property?

Zoning laws for additional dwellings on a property are constantly evolving and changing based on location and state regulations. Our team will help you understand and navigate the zoning laws in your area and aid in getting special permitting if needed to provide a Care Cottage to your home


How Much Does a Care Cottage Cost?

Our controlled factory manufacturing process allows our builds to keep quality high and cost low. These savings go straight to you when you lease a Care Cottage with UMH Properties Inc. While a nursing home or assisted living facility can cost up to $8,000 a month on average, our Care Cottages will provide independence and convenience for only about $2,000 a month. Reach out to our Sales Centers today to get a cost quote for your home needs.           


How Will UMH Properties Inc. Help Me?

When you choose to lease a Care Cottage with UMH Properties Inc. our team will be with you every step of the way. 

Choosing a Care Cottage

Contact our team online or stop by one of our local Sales Centers to learn more about your options with a Care Cottage by UMH Properties Inc. Our team will help access your needs and choose the cottage that’s perfect for your family.

Zoning Permits

Making sure your new Care Cottage is safe and legal is a top priority for our team. We will aid you in determining the zoning laws for your area and help you through the zoning process. If needed, our team can work with you to get your Care Cottage approved.  

Delivery and Set Up

We offer no-hassle delivery and set-up for those who lease a Care Cottage. We will safely transport your new cottage to your property and set up your home wherever you need it. When you no longer need your Care Cottage, our team will schedule an easy pick up.

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