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The Boardwalk HomeThe Boardwalk
2,280 sq ft4 bed3 bath
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The Cheyenne HomeThe Cheyenne
1,620 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Hickory HomeThe Hickory
1,920 sq ft4 bed2 bath
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The Oak HomeThe Oak
1,800 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Rodeo Drive HomeThe Rodeo Drive
1,904 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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‘On Your Lot’ Custom Homes near Muncie, IN

Choose the custom home builder that can give you custom design and a perfect location with UMH Properties, Inc.’s ‘On Your Lot’ custom homes near Muncie, IN. Some love a downtown area near all the action while others prefer to enjoy the Indiana suburbs with lots of land. No matter where you want to land, UMH Properties, Inc.’s ‘On Your Lot’ feature gives you the ability to create a custom home that works for you and place your house in the area you need it. Don’t compromise on the home you need and the location you love. Get the features you love right on the Indiana land lot of your choice with UMH Properties, Inc.

Custom Homes In Muncie

When you stop by Redbud Estates Sales Center in the Muncie area, our team of design experts will take you on a tour of our on-site model homes featuring manufactured and modular designs. Browse our endless variety of custom features, like master suites, eat-in kitchens, stainless steel appliances, and large open concept living spaces. When your custom design is coming into view, fill out our Dream Home Checklist. Our partnership of manufactured home builders will get to work bringing your custom home to life.

On Your Lot Home Builders

Once your home has passed a thorough quality inspection and your build process is complete, our ‘On Your Lot’ team will safely transport your new custom home to the Muncie area land lot of your choice. We can even partner with local contractors to make sure your land is ready for your new custom home to arrive.

Haven’t found the perfect land in the Muncie area you want? Let our team help you. In addition to manufacturing your custom designed home, we can help you find its final landing spot.



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If you are in the market for an ‘on your lot’ home builder, contact UMH Properties. We have been building homes for over 50 years and offer many options to suit your needs. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that all your questions are answered and every need is met. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your dream house become a reality.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Manufactured And Mobile Homes?

The difference between “mobile homes” and “manufactured homes” is that the former are built before 1976 whereas the latter refers to those built after. The standards for manufactured housing were modified post-1976 so they would be safer, more durable, and better insulated than previous versions of mobile home construction.


Is A Prefab Home The Same As A Manufactured Home?

In short, yes.

A prefab (prefabricated) home is a term used to describe any housing or dwelling that is constructed off-site in a home building factory, and then delivered to the home or building site.

Manufactured homes are constructed in a factory and then shipped to a lot or to the homeowner’s land. They are indistinguishable from site-made homes as they arrive at their destinations and are built to HUD (Housing and Urban Development) requirements.


Do Manufactured Homes Hold Their Value?

According to recent findings, manufactured homes and other modular homes both appreciate at about the same rate as stick built homes.



About Muncie

Muncie, the seat of Delaware County, is sometimes referred to as “America’s Hometown.” The well-known “Middletown” studies were carried out by a group of sociologists, led by Robert and Helen Lynd, in 1929 and 1937. The Lynds were followed by many other sociologists and agencies, making Muncie one of the most studied towns in the world.

On September 10, 1859, twelve Indiana locals, four men and eight women, became the charter members of the Baptist Church in Muncie, Indiana, a community of 1700 homeowners. The village boasted three other churches at the time: Methodist, Presbyterian, and Universalist. The organizational conference for the Baptist Church had been held in the county courthouse, and for the next 2 and a half years the church continued to hold its services there using just one courtroom and having services once a month.