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The Butcher Holler HomeThe Butcher Holler
1,848 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Carson HomeThe Carson
1,493 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Coal Miner’s Daughter HomeThe Coal Miner’s Daughter
1,707 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Ferguson HomeThe Ferguson
1,872 sq ft3 bed2.5 bath
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The Homestead Gray HomeThe Homestead Gray
1,920 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Lexington HomeThe Lexington
2,176 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Loretta Lynn HomeThe Loretta Lynn
1,680 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Panther Hollow HomeThe Panther Hollow
1,680 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Plum Creek HomeThe Plum Creek
1,280 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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Custom Manufactured Homes Pittsburgh

Are you looking to build a home on your own land, check out our custom manufactured homes near Pittsburgh.Many Americans looking to become homeowners find themselves frustrated with the limited options in the housing market and the astronomical prices of custom designing a stick built home. At UMH Properties, Inc.,, we have over 50 years of experience of taking the stress out of the home building process. Our friendly and experienced sales staff can help you custom build the home of your dreams at a price you can afford. No matter where you are located, whether it’s a country estate with rolling hills, a city build near all the action, or a custom home in the Pittsburgh suburbs, UMH Properties has everything you need to make custom home building a breeze.

Let UMH Properties guide you through our custom manufactured and modular homes and all of the upgrades have to offer. Create your manufactured or modular home and build it to fit your lifestyle. Choose from an endless list of custom designs, features, and upgrades, and let us take care of the rest; we work with the best manufacturers in the industry. With our experience and knowledge, we can take your list of must-haves and find the best floor plan designed for you.

Building a custom home on your lot or private land with UMH Properties,Inc., you can build a home that fits your needs in a location you love. If you already own a piece of private land, UMH Properties,Inc., can make custom building the home of your dreams easy. Still need a location? No problem! Find some land you love, or let UMH Properties,Inc., help you locate the perfect spot. Once the lot has been found, UMH Properties,Inc., will order your dream home, custom built by you, and have it delivered straight to its new home location. We can assist with finding local contractors in Pittsburgh to make sure your lot is prepared to perfection, your custom home design is installed, and all the finishing touches are done to your liking. After your home building is complete, we will do a thorough quality inspection to make sure your new home exceeds your expectations.