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Dear new homeowners: What comes next?

Pat yourself on the back. You’ve successfully navigated through the maze of applications and approvals. But what comes after the big move? Here are a few tips that new homeowners should know during their first month.

Get the word out.

Sure, you can email friends and relatives about your change of address. But why not combine a moving announcement and housewarming party invite into one mailer? Companies like let you customize and print specially designed postcards for around 50 cents each.


Save dollars and make sense. 

Check the insulation in your home. There should be six inches of it everywhere, especially if you live in the northern half of the US. Some states offer financial incentives to help you achieve this goal.

Reduce energy costs by lowering the temperature on your hot water heater to 120 degrees. Anything above that can be uncomfortable for adults and cause minor burns on children.

Replace your incandescent bulbs with LED or CFL lights. How many times have you heard this? But if you still haven’t done it, now’s a good time. The cost of these long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs has come down dramatically over the last year.

Protect what’s inside.

Your lender requires you to buy homeowners insurance to protect their interest and your investment. But what about your belongings? They could be lost in a fire in a matter of minutes. You may be able to add personal property insurance to your home or auto policies for a reasonable fee.

Dig in.

One of the fastest ways to add personality to your new digs is with a container garden that produces fresh flowers or vegetables all summer long. In case you missed our earlier blogs on this topic, be sure to visit our Calling All Container Gardeners blog.

Do it yourself.

If this is your first home, purchase a tool chest that you can gradually fill with useful items, like a level, t-square or spray lubricant, for DIY projects and redecorating. Popular Mechanics compiled their own Top 50 list, which can be found here.

If you’re coming from an apartment with no outdoor space, you’ll want to invest in a grill to make the most of this summer’s entertaining possibilities. Master these basic tips from Food Network to go from novice to king of the grill in no time at all.

Take note. 

Create a home maintenance checklist that you check monthly. Tailor the list to your needs but include items such as: checking smoke and CO2 alarms, replacing furnace filter, inspecting seals around windows.