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Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes

From cost efficiency to high-quality design, there are many reasons a manufactured home is a wonderful investment. Beyond its financial perks, the building process and construction materials used for a manufactured home by UMH Properties, Inc. provide top-notch energy efficiency and a healthier impact on the environment. Through an intentional and consistent factory construction process, our builders are able to bring homeowners cost savings, energy efficient construction that will save on utility bills, and a home with sought-after features and popular floor plan options. 

What is the Manufactured Home Building Process?

When many buy a traditional, site-built home they must be ready for construction delays from weather, mis-ordered building materials, or inefficient construction crews. Each of these delays or mishaps not only wastes time, but money and materials. UMH Properties, Inc.’s streamlined and dependable factory construction system is efficient and trustworthy from start to finish. 

When you decide to build a custom manufactured home with UMH Properties, Inc. you will start out by visiting one of our Sales Centers local to your area. Our friendly and helpful staff will take you through our showroom of floor plan options, energy saving features, and endless design choices to make sure we manufacture the best custom home for your needs. Ensuring every detail from the start and using factory built components helps to reduce or eliminate wasteful mis-ordering of materials or time-sucking changes in construction down the road. 

When your custom home design is complete, our team of modular home builders will begin our reliable factory building process. This construction process allows our team to ensure and regulate each step of your custom build to cut energy costs, avoid delays, and ensure your home is built to the highest quality. This controlled environment gives you the confidence that there are no gaps in the building process and no short-cuts taken on the quality of your home

When our team has finished your custom build, we put your manufactured home through a thorough quality inspection to ensure every square foot of your new efficient home is crafted to our standards. 

Energy Efficient Features

As set into law by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, all manufactured homes must pass strict Energy Certified Manufactured Home standards of building. 

During the construction process, our team of builders will implement a variety of certification quality features to bring your manufactured home up to energy efficiency standards. One major factor we focus on is insulation of the home. The walls of our manufactured homes are filled with regulation levels of insulation to ensure your home is both waterproof and utility efficient. In addition, the core, or belly, of your home will also come with its own features. The bottom of each manufactured home is fully insulated to ensure efficiency and protection of the structure and is then secured with an additional barrier, called a belly wrap. Finally, the roof of your manufactured home will be fitted with insulation of its own and sealed with a roof cap. 

Technology improvement has been one of the driving factors leading to the enhanced energy efficiency of manufactured home construction. In the past, one of the major ways air escaped the home was through the windows and doors. Today, advances in technology and using machinery to assemble the home, have produced the most energy efficient window and door options possible, saving manufactured homeowners on their utility bill. 

Along with features and regulations, construction quality has its own levels of efficiency to offer. Gaps and misalignments where air can escape the home are easy ways to hike up a utility bill and frustrate homeowners. With our high construction quality, we ensure sealing in ducts, windows, and doors, as well as proper procedure when caulking all gaps and transitions.  

How Can You Make Your Manufactured Home Even More Efficient?

Even after the construction of your energy-efficient home, there are ways you can make your home even more friendly to the environment and your wallet. 


Keep up with the features that made your manufactured home efficient when it was built. Over time, every home will require maintenance and upkeep. To keep your manufactured home running at its best, check on and replace any insulation in your home, belly, or roof that gets low or worn. Regularly inspect your windows and doors to make sure they’re keeping their energy efficient seal. 


Farther down the road, stay up-to-date on updates and advancements in technology. All the time, experts are developing new, more efficient light bulbs to save on electrical consumption or windows that seal out even more from outside. Many UMH homes include SMART thermostat technology to increase comfort and save on heating and cooling bills. To take your commitment to the next level, you can look into solar, wind, and heat energy systems that can be installed for your home


A major consumer in your home will be your appliances. Being intentional with your choices can bring your major savings in the future. Look out for those Energy Star Certified appliances, like the ones you will find in homes by UMH Properties, Inc. for the highest levels of efficiency. 

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