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UMH Creates Company Policies Around Environmental and Social Responsibility

All businesses have a responsibility to evaluate their environmental and social impact.

As an entity that impacts so many lives and makes use of national resources, it’s imperative for any corporation to consider how to do so in ways that enact positive changes within local communities, larger society and the environment.

At UMH, we hold environmental and social considerations in high regard when it comes to business practices, policies, shareholder value, community development and our residents. We are dedicated to investing in technology and building practices that leverage and promote sustainability, as well as implementing and maintaining policies that promote diversity and provide opportunities to our employees and our neighbors.

UMH is proud to be a part of the fabricated housing industry that prioritizes these ethical standards. Here are just some of the ways that we go above and beyond with our policies and our people.

Our homes

We Believe in Building “Light…”

  • HUD Code-Compliant
    By building in accordance with the Federal Manufactured Homes Construction and Safety Standards (“HUD Code”), UMH homes are quality regulated in regards to strength, transportability, energy efficiency, fire resistance, heating, plumbing and electrical systems. Because of the strict standards, manufactured homes are often more insulated and more energy efficient than standard stick-built homes.
  • Energy Efficient Construction
    Manufactured homes are constructed in controlled, factory environments that are free from external elements. This, along with technological advances and greater flexibility in the construction process, reduces energy usage and waste associated with the production of manufactured homes compared to other forms of conventional housing. In addition, many of our manufacturers are employing green construction practices and using renewable materials.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified
    Many of the homes in our communities are ENERGY STAR Certified with ENERGY STAR appliances. This means they meet the EPA’s strict guidelines for energy efficiency, with systems that consume less energy.

…With Conservation in Mind.

  • Water
    BWe have been aggressively installing water meters on homes and in many communities, which has dramatically reduced water consumption. In addition, we continually upgrade water line infrastructure to eliminate leakage and conserve water.
  • Landscaping
    Our communities’ landscaping prominently features trees and shrubbery which improve air quality, moderate the effects of sun and wind, preserve soil and support wildlife.
  • Reduce & Recycle
    We encourage our suppliers and contractors to minimize environmental impact by reducing waste. Additionally, our corporate offices and our communities all recycle paper, plastic, bottles and cans.
  • Monitoring
    We have been introducing NEST Thermostats into our homes and communities, so that residents can monitor their consumption and obtain savings by intelligently managing home heating and cooling to maximize energy use.

Our People

Our Mission is to Inspire our Employees…

  • Diversity
    We value diversity at every level of our workforce. More than half of our executive management team is diverse on the basis of gender, religion, race or ethnicity. We endeavor to maintain workplaces free from discrimination or harassment, and conduct annual trainings and maintain no-tolerance policies in this regard.
  • Opportunity
    We are committed to equal opportunity in hiring, recruitment, development training, compensation and advancement. In addition, all of our employees are offered regular opportunities to participate in professional development programs.
  • Compensation
  • Our employees are fairly compensated and routinely recognized for outstanding
    performance. We work to ensure compliance with applicable labor and employment laws.
  • Enrichment
    UMH offers a robust wellness program to its employees that incorporates health
    benefits, including incentives for enrolling in exercise classes and for gym memberships. This encourages our employees to care for their mental and physical well-being.

…And to Enrich the Lives of Our Residents & Neighbors.

  • Charity
    We regularly contribute to charities, including the Boy Scouts of America, Boys and Girls
    clubs, local chambers of commerce and the Special Strides Therapeutic Riding Center
    which is a non-profit organization devoted to improving the lives of individuals with
    special needs. In addition, we contribute to branches of our Armed Forces, as well as local organizations and giving-back in each of our individual communities.
  • Education
    We support continuing education through contributions to colleges and universities, and work in conjunction with a local high school to provide students with valuable job experience to further their careers. Some of our communities also provide free backpacks with school supplies to school children living in our communities.
  • Engagement
  • We are proud of the standard of local engagement that exists within UMH communities. Many of our communities host dinners for local law enforcement, fire departments and veterans to thank them for their services. We also provide areas for community events and enrichment in many of our communities, like pools, playgrounds, fitness centers and clubhouses.

To view our full ESG policy, click here Do you have an event, organization or any type of environmental or social policy that you’d like us to engage in? We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Email us at

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