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What are manufactured and modular homes?

Manufactured and modular homes are built completely in a factory, and later transported to be placed on a home site. Both come in a wide variety of architectural styles, layouts, and sizes. Most manufactured homes are single-story, whereas modular homes can be constructed in multi-story sections if so desired.

Because all manufactured homes are subject to the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, also known as the HUD Code, manufactured homes are held to higher safety, durability, efficiency, roof load, and wind resistance standards than site-built homes. Along with top-tier quality and safety, they offer many benefits compared to other housing alternatives. Read on to learn more about how UMH makes it simple to design and purchase a manufactured or modular home.

The UMH Difference

Affordability & Financing

What homes are available in your location for under $300,000? What years were they built? Are the appliances new? Do they have open concept floor plans? UMH makes it possible to own a brand new, beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with new appliances, custom-design, open floor plans constructed from high-grade materials for under $300,000.

Quick Build Times

Homes built in factories are built more quickly than homes constructed on-site. Since they are built on an efficient assembly line in a controlled environment with no weather delays, factory-built homes can be built and ready to ship in as little as six weeks.

Quick Move-Ins

Time is on your side with manufactured and modular homes. Land work like septic, crawl spaces, basements, electrical and plumbing can all be done while the home is being built in a quality-controlled factory, which can reduce the build-time by months.

Location, Location, Location

UMH will place a home on your land. If you don’t have land and are on the market for a new home, we own and operate 132 communities. We can help you find a location that matches your lifestyle, so you can live in a home you love, close to where you work and play.


Manufactured and modular homes are built with standardized materials in climate-controlled factories, and quality inspected before they ship, during and after installation.

Custom Design

When you customize your UMH manufactured or modular home, you can choose from the newest floor plans and fixtures from industry-leading manufacturers to create the home of your dreams, with a lasting design that is uniquely yours.

Energy Efficiency

Factory built-homes are resource-efficient, meaning no materials are wasted in the build process, reducing the building footprint. Then that efficiency comes home with you, with energy-star certified appliances and utilities systems designed to save power and save you money on bills.


UMH offers a hassle-free buying experience  for our manufactured and modular homebuyers. We help you secure financing, order the home, handle transportation and coordinate contractors for installation. All you need to do is pick up your keys on move-in day.

Schedule your appointment to come tour the homes at one of our sales centers today, to learn why factory-built homes are the modern and functional future of high-quality housing.