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Everyone can use extra space, time and money. So, wouldn’t it be great to save all three while getting organized?


Save a tree—and your sanity. 

Loose extension cords, computer/cell phone/tablet chargers and strings of holiday lights do their best to hide from sight. Get them to fall in line.


Reuse paper towel and toilet paper cores to organize phone chargers, extension cords, rope, or anything else that clutters your drawers and closets. Just wind the cords end-to-end at a length that’s slightly longer than the paper core itself—and insert. You can easily write on each paper core to identify the device it belongs with.  Rubber bands will accomplish the same thing but are constantly breaking, hard to remove and impossible to label.


Keep Them Coming Back for More

Assign each member of the family their own laundry bag. Then let them know that it’s their job to deliver dirty clothes from their rooms to the laundry room and pick up clean clothes there as well. It’ll save you from collecting and carrying clothes from all over your home.


Free and Easy

Cold fall rains and harsh winter winds can take their toll on your outdoor furniture, grills and gardening tools. Protect your warm-weather gear with a DIY storage shed created from recycled wood pallets. It’s fast, almost-free and easy-to-build, since much of the work is already done for you. Finding a new purpose for these pallets is also eco-friendly and helps reduce the amount of waste clogging landfills. Check out these 10 free plans for pallet sheds and learn how to build your own.


No doubt, working with your hands on do-it-yourself projects like this can be rewarding. But not everyone has the interest or the time. That’s where UMH homes come in. Many of our homes are all-new, high-quality homes feature ample closet space, including a roomy pantry; outdoor storage sheds; and built-in bookshelves and entertainment areas.


Have it All 

Who says you can’t have both luxury and affordability? UMH homes start at just $59,900 and offer finishes, fixtures and amenities previously offered only in high-end site-built homes.


Dream Big

Start creating the custom home design of your dreams by filling out the Dream Home Checklist. The UMH Dream Home Checklist ensures that your home will include every feature you are looking for. Once your checklist is complete, UMH can help you find the best floor plan to make all your wishes come true. Get started now, by completing your dream home checklist here!