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Holiday Entertaining Ideas

How do you make holiday entertaining a breeze?

There are as many ways to celebrate the season as there are families celebrating it. Here are just a few economical, unconventional ideas to put more “merry” in your holiday entertaining.

  1. Let it Snow

    Make your own snowflakes. The paper snowflakes you made in primary school can make great decorations and coasters for holiday parties or family dinners. Add a second paper color or dust them with glitter for a frosty winter landscape.

  2. Festive Fresh Fruit Decorating

    Set out bowls of multi-colored fresh apples and pears to add flare to any holiday table. Prop each guest’s name card against a pear or apple. Or string together cranberries to make garlands and scatter the berries around candles and glassware on the table.

  3. Get Decked Out

    Hang an ornament or dreidel inside an empty picture frame that you’ve spray-painted with appropriate holiday colors. Line up multiple frames for dramatic effect.

  4. Go B-A-N-A-N-A-S

    Traditional family celebrations can be a big bore for kids. Keep idle hands busy, happy and healthy with fruity Santa Bananas. For this easy peasy recipe pick up one bag each of miniature and regular marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, red M&Ms, chocolate sprinkles and wood dowels (available at and most local craft stores). Assemble as shown.

  5. Break the Rules

    There really are no rules governing holiday get-togethers. Ask your guests to dress as their favorite superhero or in creative holiday garb, like “the ugliest sweater you’ve ever received as a gift.” Or put all your guests at ease by going super casual with jeans and t-shirts only.

  6. Inside Out

    Long gone are the days of outdoor activities, right? Not with a little creativity—and planning. Get one more use out of your grill as winter sets in. After the big meal, get your guests moving by setting up a s’mores bar. You’ll need the expected ingredients: milk chocolate bars or chunks, graham crackers and marshmallows. Then add some of your guests’ other fave flavors, such as white chocolate, peanut butter cups or thinly-slice rice crispy squares in place of graham crackers.

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