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How to Host a Sizzling Independence Day Party

Independence Day – the time of the year when adults still ooh and aah with childlike wonder at fireworks bursting overhead. When eating unhealthy foods doesn’t bring on a guilt-trip. And when wearing red, white and blue anything somehow looks good on everyone.

So fly your flags proudly, twirl your sparklers safely, and don’t forget to bring the bling.

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Light up the Night

Decorate trees, shrubs and serving tables with single-color strands of holiday lights. Place glow sticks in water bottles to create outdoor pathways to and from your home. And place red, white and blue citronella candle pails where their light bug-fighting properties will keep your party humming along.

Give new life to the surplus red, white or blue paint chip cards at your local hardware store by creating strands of patriotic pennants. First, cut the cards into equal-sized triangles. Then punch out two holes at the top edge of each one and string them together about an inch apart using ribbon or twine.

Create a truly patriotic centerpiece by covering a foam wreath with flag picks. Use an LED candle so the flame won’t be blown out by wind or knocked over by a rogue frisbee.

carve melons, outdoor party, 4th of july

Carve out a new tradition

Kids love carving pumpkins for Halloween, so why not apply the same idea to melons for July 4th? Using stencils found at most craft stores, and a paring knife, carefully carve messages into various sized melons before serving.

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Punch up your party

Save yourself the stress of trying to stock every liquor or fruit-flavored beverage known to man. Prepare one alcoholic punch or sangria and one non-alcoholic punch ahead of time. Do not add ice until guests dispense the drinks so they don’t get watered down. Of course beer and sodas served on ice in galvanized metal tubs can be a festive and inexpensive alternative.

Follow these links for a basic sangria and non-alcoholic punch recipe.

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Add sparkle to your sweets.

Wow your guests with personal-sized apple-berry pies served in mason jars. All you need are fresh berries or apples, pre-made pie pastry, canning jars and a few simple ingredients. Use a simple star cutout for even more compliments. Get the recipe here.

For more outdoor entertaining tips for your Independence Day party, check out our June 6 blog, Take the Party Outside.