What Is A Land Lease Community?

pool at UMH land lease communities

UMH communities are known as Land Lease communities. In short, a resident of a Land Lease community owns or rents a home while leasing the lot underneath the home from the landowner. The Land Lease arrangement allows a resident to experience the true privacy and independence of a single-family home. However, they don’t have to spend additional funds on a land purchase. In addition, residents in a UMH community take comfort that community standards will be carefully maintained while enjoying the many social and recreational amenities. Many even provide onsite management.

Benefits of Land Lease Communities

A Lifestyle Choice

playground at UMH land lease communities

  • High quality of life, with respect for residents and their homes
  • Neighborly feeling that instills a stronger sense of community and security
  • Amenities offered at most of our communities, such as community clubhouses, playgrounds, swimming pools, basketball/tennis courts, fitness centers, and storage facilities for RVs and boats
  • Resident events and social gatherings for all ages: Families, children, singles, and seniors.
  • Safe community environment

Financial Benefits

  • Money that would have been spent on land is now free for other purposes
  • Minimal closing costs, freeing up money to invest elsewhere
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Energy-efficient UMH homes

Convenient UMH Locations

Don’t hesitate! See if a UMH Land Lease Community the right community for you. You’ll find one of UMH’s more than 100 convenient community locations across the Northeast and Midwest. UMH often plans communities with location in mind. As a result, residents can easily access nearby attractions  such as golf courses, shopping centers and restaurants.

We own communities in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Indiana, Maryland and Michigan. Call or stop by, and a community manager can answer all your questions.