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The Boardwalk HomeThe Boardwalk
2,280 sq ft4 bed3 bath
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The Cheyenne HomeThe Cheyenne
1,620 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Hickory HomeThe Hickory
1,920 sq ft4 bed2 bath
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The Oak HomeThe Oak
1,800 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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The Rodeo Drive HomeThe Rodeo Drive
1,904 sq ft3 bed2 bath
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Manufactured Homes near Muncie, IN

Find your new home with UMH Properties, Inc.’s manufactured homes for sale near Muncie, IN. Our custom manufactured or modular homes offer a wide variety of floor plans, designs, and features to fit your lifestyle. Since our modular homes are prefab and manufactured with our custom building process, we can provide the perfect blend of custom style and affordable price tags. Whether you are looking to join a manufactured home community or you’re designing the perfect home for another location, UMH Properties, Inc.’s manufactured homes have everything you need to begin your own custom creation process.

Modular Homes For Sale In Muncie

Make plans to visit the Redbud Estates Sales Center near Muncie, Indiana and see all the custom design features and finishes in UMH Properties, Inc. homes for sale. Tour our on-site modular and manufactured homes to discover all the floor plans and options available and begin choosing the must-have features for your custom modular home. When you’re ready, our team will help you fill out our Dream Home Checklist with everything needed to build the perfect manufactured home for you. Finally, our team of passionate and skilled manufacturers will get to work bringing your custom manufactured or modular home to life. After your home is built, it will undergo a thorough quality inspection before being shipped to your lot. If you don’t have a lot prepared, UMH can get you started with community living in an available nearby UMH community.

The Home Construction Process

The construction of  manufactured or modular homes starts with a well-crafted steel I-beam frame designed to support the weight of the finished structure. After the frame has been bonded and supported, it can be covered with decking and a thin layer of concrete. The frame is then prepared to support the weight of the wall framing and roofing system, as well as internal pipes, components, cabinets, and home appliances. 

Floors, Walls, and Roofing: Manufactured housing, in general, use a variety of different “stations” to create the various components of a finished product, all within a compartmentalized factory environment. Skilled workers measure and cut wood and finished materials to the exact sizes specified in the strategies. Walls, roof areas, and other sections of the homes are built in modules that can be easily linked together when required. 

Since the homes are built using modular construction techniques, products are typically cut to size ahead of time and stockpiled at the factory before they are ready to be used, resulting in significant time and cost savings. In addition, there is very little waste. Furthermore, since each modular home is built in a climate-controlled manufacturing facility, there is never any concern about weather delays.

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UMH Properties, Inc. is a manufactured home builder that has been providing quality homes for over 50 years. We provide a variety of floor plans and models so you can find the perfect type of house or lot to suit your needs, as well as financing options if needed. Contact us today for more info on pricing.

About Muncie, Indiana

The Lenape (Delaware), who came into the region in 1790, founded some little villages along the White River, one of which is known as Munsee Town. In 1827, the tiny trade center, renamed Muncietown, was chosen as the Delaware County seat. His name was formally abridged and incorporated as a city in 1865 in 1845 in Muncie. Muncie grew in particular after the Indiana gas boom of the 1880s as a production and industry hub. 

Ball State University was founded in 1969 as a private research institution dedicated to serving students. Since then it has grown into a large university with campuses in Muncie and Indiana University in Bloomington, Illinois. In addition to its main campus in Bloomington, it also has satellite campuses in Indianapolis and Fishers, Indiana. The university offers many degrees through its undergraduate division, including Bachelor of Science degrees in Education, Bachelor of Arts degrees in Education and Liberal Arts degrees in Education. There are also professional associate, master, doctorate and doctoral degrees offered by the university.


Frequently Asked Question About Manufactured Homes

What Is The Difference Between A Manufactured And Mobile Home?

Before 1976, the term “mobile homes” referred to homes that were built according to different construction specifications. After that year, the term “manufactured home” was used to denote a home built to higher construction standards using modern technology and high-efficient appliances and design.


Is A Modular Home A Good Investment?

It depends on the building of the modular house. Older modular homes are not considered as desirable as their newer counterparts. Newer modular homes are therefore constructed to much higher quality specifications and can achieve an outstanding return on investment.


Do Manufactured Homes Last?

If properly constructed, a manufactured or modular house can last as long as a stick-built home. Homes that are constructed according to HUD code typically last 30 to 55 years. However, if properly managed, these homes can last longer.