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Mortgage Calculator

The UMH Modular & Manufactured Mortgage Calculator will help you determine monthly payments on the new home of your dreams!

We have pre-populated the fields to include the standard interest rate & loan terms for a new UMH manufactured home.

Simply enter your loan amount and tap calculate!

Feel free to change the loan term & interest rate to calculate the monthly payments on fixed loans with different lending terms.

How Much Home Can You Afford?

Mortgage calculators are great for starting the process of budgeting for a mortgage, however, it’s just the beginning.

Your entire mortgage payment shouldn’t be more that one weeks pay, after taxes. For example, if you are making 60k annually, and your paid bi-weekly, and in the 30% tax bracket, your mortgage shouldn’t be more than $807.69 because 30% of $60k = $18k in taxes which leaves $42k. Divide $42k into 52 weeks and you’re at $807.69 per week.

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