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Moving Tips for Back-To-School Season

There is no doubt that summer is the busiest time of year to move, but what about the logistics of moving with kids during back-to-school season? Leaving their hometown, starting a new school and getting to know a new city can be challenging for toddlers and teens alike, no matter the time of year. And of course for parents, coupling a big move with the back-to-school agenda will definitely mean a few extra items on that end-of-summer task list! But if you play it smart, moving right before the school year starts can actually make it easier for the whole family. How, you ask?

Plan your move for the end of summer.
It can be stressful for your children to feel like they’re leaving behind all things familiar. Planning a move for the end of summer means you can pack their summer schedules with fun and farewells. Giving your kids a chance to spend some quality time with their friends means a summer full of memories, rather than one spent isolated in a new city with no chance to socialize until summer ends.

Get prepared.
Preparation is a tenant of back-to-school time, moving or not. It may seem obvious now, but moving takes a lot of brain power! So don’t forget to take the time to enroll your children in their new schools, get their school lists and go shopping for supplies.

Give the kids a fresh start.
Starting a new school at the start of the year, rather than a mid-year transition, gives your kids a more seamless start. They’ll be meeting new teachers with the rest of the class. They probably won’t be the only “new kids.” And, they’ll be able to sign up for fall time extracurriculars. All of these things give them a chance to meet new friends more easily and get totally integrated into their new school.

Get busy!
That first month after moving into a new house is crucial. With the young ones in day care, or older kids in the classroom, parents get more time to “adult.” Go ahead and tackle the post-move to-do list while the kids are busy with school during the day or clubs/sports in the evening.

Set up a homework corner.
Or, any place in the new house your kids can claim for the afternoon, whether it’s in the kitchen or their bedroom. Giving them a space to foster creativity will help keep them engaged in the “now,” and it’ll make the new house feel like home.

Don’t forget to have fun.
If you’re able to plan your move “to the T,” it might be helpful for the whole family to have a week or two as buffer before school starts. This way, you can get to know your new city. Summertime is always rife with weekend events like music fests, art walks and foodie fairs. Depending on your neighborhood, you might even luck out with a small community event to get to know your new neighbors. The UMH manufactured home communities have amenities like community centers, clubhouses or swimming pools that are perfect for acclimating to your new neighborhood!

There you have it! With proper planning and attention to the details, back-to-school season can be the perfect backdrop for turning your new house into your family home. Just try to do yourself a favor: take a day or two off from unpacking to explore the new community with your family before you get settled into your school year routines. You’ll all be glad that you did.