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UMH Solves Apartment Burdens

You won’t be surprised to learn that “apartment noise” ranks as one of the top 5 most common complaints from apartment dwellers, according to Rental Protection Agency, a national tenants organization. Luckily, UMH is here to help.

Ever tried to study through a neighbor’s house party? Or sleep when the guy next door works the night shift? Most multi-family buildings have rules that try to mitigate noise issues, but in some cases, it’s just not possible.

Thin Is Not In.

Thin walls and floors, shoddy construction and close quarters all contribute to an elevated level of noise, which can lead to insomnia, stress and a higher risk of health problems.

You’ve tried ear plugs and complaining to management. But if you’re on a tight budget, the only real option has been to move to another apartment building and hope for the best. Until now, that is. At UMH Properties, there is an affordable solution.

Get More. Don’t Pay More.

You can rent or own a brand-new 2 or 3 bedroom single-family home with a yard for what you’ve been paying in rent. UMH Homes are all located in safe, friendly communities, conveniently located throughout the Northeast and Midwest. Without the land expenses that go with it.

How does UMH do it? Traditionally, homeowners buy the land their home occupies. But UMH is a leader in the development of land-lease communities, which allow residents to own their home but “lease” the land it sits on. That means that UMH pays the land expenses, reducing homeowner costs.

So you’ll get more without paying more…whether you rent or buy.

Want to learn more? Search for available homes and communities at and view our previous blog, Buying a Home in 2017

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Top Five Tenant Complaints

1. Deposit Refund Disputes

2. Bed Bug Infestation

3. Repair Problems

4. Noise Complaints